for Education
Enquiry-based research in schools
 Strategic approach to developing robust school initiatives
Developing teacher, student and parent led projects
Looking at impact of brain based learning within the school environment
Developing challenge-based learning throughout the curriculum
Providing  access to expert sources of research and specialist consultants for school initiatives
Frameworks for embedding learning technologies
Analysing school requirements for learning technologies within the curriculum
Providing programme of support for integration of learning technologies into school life
Stakeholder workshops for school and local community to maximise use of relevant technologies
Giving tools to learners to create their own virtual journey against digtal learning tools
Regular updates about new technologies and relevance to bespoke solutions
Aspects of learning
Looking at innovative timetabling to improve engagement
 Turning a traditional curriculum around to ensure learners progress
Developing vocational and academic pathways for learners
Workshops for staff, students and parents to promote new ways of learning
Assisting schools with developing learning strategies for key improvement areas
Leadership support
Identifying key features of school leadership for educational technologies
Evaluation of current educational technology practice by all users connected with school
Co-constructing bespoke CPD programme for all stakeholders within a school community
Assistance with recruitment and appointment of key personnel