for IT Services
Free Schools
  Turn an education vision and specific aspirations into a robust IT infrastructure design
  Assist with completion of tender documentation to pass DfE/ EFA  requirements
  Support IT provision in any temporary accommodation ensuring money is not wasted
  Liaise with approved building contractor in temporary and permanent buildings
  Ensure IT infrastructure is fit for purpose and meets school educational needs
  Support (or undertake) IT procurement to ensure compliance with procurement regulations
  Ensure value for money
  Provide high level technical support to many of the Academies choosing to have an in-house team managing their IT network
  Provide strategic advice to senior management
  Carry out full commissioning and implementation of IT solutions
  Monitor approved suppliers to ensure value for money for proposed solution
International schools
  Design IT infrastructure, electrical and cooling requirements for new / existing buildings
  Inspect infrastructure to ensure compliance with required local standards
  Procure IT equipment from local suppliers
  Send technical team to install all IT equipment
  Configure network to meet educational and administration requirements of the school
All educational establishments
  Recruit and manage local technical staff
  Remotely monitor and maintain the IT network
  Maintain or plan upgrade projects via scheduled visits by EdICTs team
  Review annually at scheduled meeting and support strategic budget planning
  Provide procurement services